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Foods To Avoid During Your Lunch Break

Foods that make you tired

Every nutritionist will tell you that eating lunch is important. Breakfast may be considered the most important meal of the day, but lunch is a close second, as you still have at least 6 more hours of work to go and your mind and body need the energy that lunch provides. What you may not know, however, is that not all lunches are created equal. In fact, some of the healthiest foods are still not ideal for a lunch…

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How Drinking Water can Affect Weight Loss

Drinking water

Right now, there is a very good chance your body is desperate for water. 75% of the United States gets less than the 10 glasses of water recommended by the Institute of Medicine, and many more consume fewer than one or two glasses per day. Coffee, soda, beer – these are not the same. Your body wants pure, unadulterated water, and studies have shown that drinking more water may help you improve your health – and possibly your weight…

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Can Vitamins Help you Lose Weight and Ease Back Pain?

vitamins for weight loss

By Justin McPeak  For anyone that is overweight or struggling with obesity, weight loss should be a priority. The most important tools to lose weight are diet (healthy foods that are low in calories) and exercise. But there are times when you need a little bit of help – when diet and exercise alone are neither fast enough nor easy enough to integrate into your life. Should you consider vitamins to help lose weight and ease back pain? Medical…

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