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Vitamins: Is Such a Thing as Too Much?

too many vitamins

You may not want to eat that next multivitamin. Vitamins and minerals are good for you, and if you’re like most people in Atlanta, you do not get enough of them. Current US diets are almost disastrously low in nutrients, with the vast majority of Atlantans not getting nearly enough of the nutrition they need. To counter this, many people take multivitamins – simple, easy to swallow pills that have all of the daily value of nutrients that research…

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How IV Nutrition Can Shorten Your Cold

Cold Remedy

No one wants to deal with a cold. But many of the “remedies” that people use to shorten a cold are usually ineffective. There is only one true cold “treatment” that can shorten the time you suffer from a cold, and that is your body’s own ability to fight the cold naturally. The human immune system is incredible and underrated. Your body is equipped with a host of internal machinery that is all designed to reduce all unwanted viruses…

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Finding a Diet Plan that Works for YOU

Finding a diet plan that works

If you want to lose weight, improve your health, and ultimately experience greater levels of energy, you need to improve your diet. You’ve probably heard countless times how important it is to maintain a healthy diet, and you have no doubt seen all of the advertisements for different diets online and on TV, each one claiming to offer substantial weight loss. But if you’ve ever tried these diets before, you know that they do not always work. You may…

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Tips for Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolution

Every year, you resolve to change something about your life. And every year by January 10th or so you forget about it and/or give up. It may not actually be January 10th. It may be February 2nd, or March 17th, or January 3rd. But at some point every year, the New Year’s resolution that you cared so much about fades away. Let this year be the year that your New Year’s Resolution sticks. Whatever your resolution may be, you…

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Is Your Poor Diet and Posture Causing Headaches?

Headache Causes

Nothing takes you out of a day like a headache. It is more than pain – it clouds your thoughts, makes it harder to focus, and prevents you from enjoying your day. But while headaches can run havoc on your quality of life, the truth is that many headaches are avoidable, as long as you change just a few of your lifestyle habits. The Causes of Chronic Headaches Thousands of those in Atlanta struggle with chronic tension headaches. Tension…

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Green Tea Health Benefits


For centuries, green tea has been the drink of choice in much of the world. It is revered for both its tastes, and its health benefits, and millions of people consume both hot and cold green team in order to improve their body in a simple and delicious way. Throughout history, the benefits of green tea have been largely anecdotal. But over the past several years, the benefits of green tea have been supported by research. Green tea has…

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Improve Your Posture to Get Rid of Your Back Pain!

Improve Your Posture to Get Rid of Your Back Pain!

Every single person in Atlanta will deal with back pain at some point in their lives, and in many cases that back pain will be severe enough to take us away from the activities we need to complete. There are many different issues that can contribute to back pain, including a lack of exercise, sitting for long periods of time, and poor lifting habits – especially for those that work in physically demanding jobs. Yet one of the greatest…

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