Finding a Diet Plan that Works for YOU

Finding a diet plan that works

If you want to lose weight, improve your health, and ultimately experience greater levels of energy, you need to improve your diet. You’ve probably heard countless times how important it is to maintain a healthy diet, and you have no doubt seen all of the advertisements for different diets online and on TV, each one claiming to offer substantial weight loss.

But if you’ve ever tried these diets before, you know that they do not always work. You may even have a friend that has used one of these diets successfully, only to find that when you tried the exact same diet you actually gained weight – not lost it.

The Scientific Reason Diets Don’t Always Work

Luckily, science has an explanation for this, and it’s a pretty simple one – no two people are exactly the same. Your genetics plays a key role in whether or not a diet works for you, and since your genes are going to be different from others, you may find that the exact same diet that worked for one person doesn’t work for you.

Creating a Successful, Personalized Diet

Let’s make one thing clear – when we talk about diets, we’re not talking about “Fad Diets” – diets that have no medical basis that simply starve the body to help you lose weight. A recent example of this is the “grapefruit diet” that claimed if you ate almost exclusively grapefruits you would lose weight. Most people did lose weight, but it wasn’t because of the diet – it was because they were starving themselves of calories.fad-diet

Fad diets are problematic. Not only is starving yourself of nutrients bad for your health, but it can also slow your metabolism down. This means that once you start eating regular food again, you end up gaining weight faster than you did before the diet.

What were talking about at Integrative Wellness Atlanta is something much more personal – a diet created with your specific genetics and medical history in mind. These are diets that look at:

  • – Your Nutritional Needs
  • – Your Specific Body Type and Health
  • – Your Genetic Profile, and More

These are diets created for your body, integrating the vitam

ins, minerals, foods, and more that your specific body makeup requires to be healthy, while also restricting calories so that you are losing weight successfully without slowing down your metabolism.

Find Out More About Medical Weight Loss

This type of dieting is known as medical weight loss – a diet, based on your specific nutritional profile, that lets you cut calories in a way that works for you. You can read more about it on our medical weight loss page, or call us today at 678-841-7055.

You’re your own unique person. You should have a diet that works for you, not one that works for someone else. Contact us today to get started.