Green Tea Health Benefits


For centuries, green tea has been the drink of choice in much of the world. It is revered for both its tastes, and its health benefits, and millions of people consume both hot and cold green team in order to improve their body in a simple and delicious way.

Throughout history, the benefits of green tea have been largely anecdotal. But over the past several years, the benefits of green tea have been supported by research. Green tea has now been proven to have many health benefits, and it is worthwhile to consider adding green tea to your diet.

The Many Benefits of Green Tea

  • Green Tea Can Prevent Cancer – Studies have shown that green tea has an impressive amount of antioxidants – within the top 30 of all foods – and it is one of the only high antioxidant foods that can be consumed in drink form. Antioxidants are nutrients that prevents cancer, and an important part of a healthy diet.
  • Green Tea Burns Fat – Research has shown that green tea can boost metabolism, which is responsible for burning fat and calories. It can also boost energy, which is important for maintaining an active, fat burning Green Tea for Weight Loss Atlanta
    lifestyle. Both of these benefits mean that green tea can help you manage your weight, all with a drink that provides essentially no calories.
  • Green Tea Improves Intelligence – Green tea has a less harsh amount of caffeine, which is great for improving alertness, memory, and problem solving ability. But there is some evidence that green tea also contains amino acids that feed the brain and boost brain function. The combination of milder caffeine create a more productive, clearer thinking version of you.
  • Green Tea May Help You Live Longer – In addition to cancer prevention, there is evidence that green tea may help you live longer. Studies have shown that green tea may protect against heart disease, lower your risk of
    diabetes, and prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia – all of which can help you live a longer and healthier life.

Green tea also has several additional advantages. It is a better source of caffeine for those that like coffee. It has no sugar or fat, providing you with a healthier and tastier form of hydration, and there are studies that have shown that people that add green tea to their routine tend to find it a ritual that decreases stress and anxiety.

Overall, green tea is highly beneficial beverage that is also tasty, easy to integrate into diets, and comes with no known long term health consequences. Overall, it is an important and effective beverage. For more information, contact Justin McPeak at Integrative Wellness Atlanta today at 678-841-7055.