How IV Nutrition Can Shorten Your Cold

Cold Remedy

No one wants to deal with a cold. But many of the “remedies” that people use to shorten a cold are usually ineffective. There is only one true cold “treatment” that can shorten the time you suffer from a cold, and that is your body’s own ability to fight the cold naturally.

The human immune system is incredible and underrated. Your body is equipped with a host of internal machinery that is all designed to reduce all unwanted viruses and bacteria, including the common cold. As long as your immune system is working properly, it has the ability to reduce the cold on its own better than any medication, herb, or chicken soup ever could.

Giving Your Body What it Needs to Shorten a Cold

Your immune system is the best tool for fighting the common cold. But your immune system needs resources of its own – most notably, a steady IV Therapysupply of nutrients that are all known to boost immune system strength, including:

  • – Vitamin C
  • – Magnesium
  • – B-Vitamins
  • – Zinc
  • – Selenium and More

These nutrients are technically available through food. But when you have a serious cold, receiving those nutrients is exceedingly difficult. Not only is it difficult to eat large quantities of food when you’re sick – your body is also so busy trying to fight the illness, that it is often not digesting food properly. Receiving those vitamins through food is simply not possible for the average person.

Direct Nutrition to Shorten a Cold

At Integrative Wellness Atlanta, and at specialized centers across the United States, more and more doctors and medical experts are taking a different and more effective approach. They are giving you the nutrition you need directly – right into your blood stream – through an IV solution that

has proven benefits for shortening both the time and duration of a cold.

By nourishing your body with an IV fluid filled with vitamins and minerals that are all known to boost the immune system, you receive the nutrition your body needs directly in your blood stream, and your body responds by receiving all of the vitamins and minerals it needs to fight the cold quickly.

Choosing IV Nutrition for Your Cold in Atlanta

IV Nutrition, also referred to as hydration therapy is not used only for colds either. It has become a popular choice for other illnesses and ailments as well, including:

  • Flu
  • Fatigue or Jetlag
  • Migraines or Severe Headaches