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Medical Weight Loss

Get a Complimentary medical weight loss assessment & 50% off your first month!

IWA’s Medical Weight Loss Program is not a diet – it’s a lifestyle change! Get off the dieting roller coaster and rejuvenate your life, learning to live healthy and lean for a lifetime. Our trained professionals help make your weight loss journey stress free and uncomplicated. Come see for yourself!

  • Your weight loss program will be under a medical professional’s care. medical_weight_loss
  • Balance education, appetite management, and activity to lose weight.
  • Receive vitamin injections that can boost energy and help burn fat!
  • Learn strategies to keep weight off using real food.
  • Book an Initial Consultation to get started

Many of Our Patients See Results

Begin your program with an Initial Consultation with our healthcare providers, followed by weekly appointments.

  • Complete medical exam, including blood panel** and EKG
  • Weekly consultations with medical professionals
  • Overall health and body composition analysis
  • Nutrition plans and education
  • Signature Supplements and Products Available
  • Medication (if prescribed by a medical provider)





*Blood panel will be ordered on an as needed basis