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Why Medical Weight Loss in Atlanta

Obesity is a health epidemic. Your weight affects more than your self-esteem. It can contribute to diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, fatigue, and a variety of other ailments that all reduce your quality of life.

But losing weight on your own tends to be neither simple nor safe in some cases:

  • Most diets involve extreme caloric restriction that affect nutrient intake.medical weight loss atlanta
  • Many exercises can be difficult and worrisome, especially if you have health challenges.
  • Rapid weight loss can also affect your body harmfully if not closely monitored.

Indeed, not only can it be difficult to safely lose weight on your own, but it is also very challenging without oversight and guidance. That is why so many people try to lose weight and find that they are unsuccessful.

The Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

Weight is a health related issue. That is why may be the best way to lose weight is to do so in partnership with a doctor, and other medical experts that are specifically trained to provide effective weight loss strategies, all while looking at your body from the inside out.

Medical weight loss can be an assumption free practice. It involves testing, medically sound decision making, and monitoring from those that have studied medicine and weight loss. Benefits include:

  • Education and Guidance – There are many different misconceptions about nutrition and dieting out there. It is always best to receive advice and guidance from doctors and medical staff.
  • Supervision – Throughout the process, a medical weight loss team will help ensure that you are losing weight safely and immediately addressing any concerns.
  • Tailored Plan – With medical weight loss, your weight loss plan is tailored to you. It is based on what is best for your body, health, age, and more. This can provide better results.
  • Accountability – You and your Atlanta medical weight loss professional meet regularly to make sure that you are sticking to your weight loss plan, and assisted throughout the process.

Weight loss completed under medical supervision may allow you to lose as much as 1lb per day safely. If any medications or supplements are needed, your doctor can provide them, and if there are any medical challenges there will always be someone there to help you along the way.

Medical Weight Loss in Atlanta

Medically supervised weight loss is typically safe, effective, and able to provide results. For more information, contact the team at Integrative Wellness Atlanta today at 678-841-7055.