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Atlanta Medical Weight Loss Program

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Weight loss can be a constant challenge – especially when you are trying to follow all of the advice you read online, see on the news, or hear from a friend. There are countless theories about weight loss that are incorrect, unsustainable, or dangerous, and that can all hurt your weight loss goals.

Medical weight loss is different. Medical weight loss is neither a diet nor an exercise program. It is thorough and complete personalized weight loss program in the hands of medical experts, and it may be one of the most effective, long term ways to lose weight.

How Medical Weight Loss Works

At Integrative Wellness Atlanta, we offer a medical weight loss program specifically oriented to your individual health demographics. Our program is designed to help those in Atlanta receive medical weight loss strategies that are specific to their current body.

With our medical weight loss program based in Atlanta (Buckhead), our patients often lose weight and reach their weight loss goals all while safely monitored by doctors and other medical professionals.

The process is personalized to your body and weight loss needs, and consists of several strategies including:

  • Comprehensive Medical Exam – Our doctors and staff may provide you with a thorough medical exam, including blood panel and EKG to determine the best, safest way to lose weight.
  • Health and Body Composition Analysis – Our staff will also look at your overall health and wellness, to identify any specific needs and provide you with feedback and progress.
  • Medication and Supplements – Our Atlanta medical weight loss providers can also look into any medications and supplements that may benefit your body weight goals. We also provide vitamin injections as needed to burn fat and boost energy.
  • Nutritional Plans – Of course, diet will always affect your weight loss goals, so we’ll look at providing you with a dietary plan that will work for you, recognizing your own unique nutritional needs.
  • Regular Consultations – Throughout the process, you will be monitored by licensed doctors and nurses, to ensure that you’re reaching your weight loss goals safely and in the healthiest way possible.

We’ll also provide you with activities and exercises that are ideal for your level of fitness, as well as appetite management programs to help prevent your cravings.

Our medical weight loss program in Atlanta is a great way to lose weight, and help fight obesity without bariatric surgery. If you are ready to get started, call Integrative Wellness Atlanta today at 678-841-7055.