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Physician Supervised Program

Medical Weight Loss Atlanta – Local Weight Loss Under Medical Supervision

Over 30% of Atlanta struggles with obesity, and even more have weight issues that they would like to address. But weight loss through diet and exercise alone can be difficult. That is why more and more people in Atlanta have turned to medical weight loss.

Medical weight loss is weight management in the hands of doctors. It involves personalized programs that may involve specific nutritional guidelines, medications and supplements, exercise programs, health monitoring, and more, all under the care of doctors and other medical professionals. It is more than a diet – it is a customized, medical weight loss plan from those that have studied the human body.

Obtain Medical Weight Loss in Atlanta, GA at Integrative Wellness

As a medical weight loss and wellness center, Integrative Wellness Atlanta is the premier choice for doctor supervised weight loss programs in Georgia. Founded by Medical Director Dr. James L. Chappuis, our goal has always been to provide both quality medical and wellness care, but in an environment that feels more like a spa than a medical center.

It is here where we provide Atlanta medical weight loss programs, along with other types of care to those in Atlanta that are struggling with their weight. Throughout our medical weight loss program, we’ll provide you with everything you need to kick off losing weight, including:

  • Education
  • Appetite Management
  • Vitamins Injections and Supplements
  • Weight Loss Medication (as needed)
  • Health Monitoring
  • Regular Medical Examinations and Blood Panels
  • Progress Reports, and More

Yet perhaps the number one reason that people choose to use us for medical weight loss in Atlanta is because we provide these services in an environment that is friendly, professional, and capable of helping you reach your weight loss goals.

If you are interested in medical weight loss and are in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please contact us today at 678-841-7055. We are happy to schedule your first consultation, or talk to you about our goals at our medical center.